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Alexis Hayashi

Alexis Hayashi is a Visual Artist specializing in black and white caricatures.


As a dancer, she and her Dance Team became the undefeated California State, WCE Nationals and Miss Dance Drill Team USA, 2018 #1 Female Hip Hop Dance Team Champions.


As a choreographer, she had segment choreographed a Top 3rd World Level Rated Stage Show Production by Miss Dance Drill Team USA.


Alexis also an experienced martial artist. She is a Wado-Ryu Karate Black Belt. She is also a Full Contact Bare Knuckle Fighter, a 4 Time World Karate Forms Champion, and a World Sword Champion.

Alexis Hayashi

Visual Artist

Dance Champion

Click on each image to view YouTube video

#1 State Dance Champion 

#1 U.S.A. National Female

#1 Miss Dance Drill Team USA

Hip Hop Dance Team


Ranked 3rd World Rated Choreographer by Miss Dance Drill Team USA


Alexis also is a real life modern day Samurai.

She is trained in Bushido a.k.a. "The Way of the Samurai".

4 Time World Karate

Traditional Forms Champion

Full Contact Bare Knuckle Fighter

& Karate Black Belt

World Sword Champion

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