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What People Have to Say

About Ken Hayashi

"We have been so blessed to have him as part of our team. He will be an asset to any organization"

~ Shihan Jeff Brown

  • CEO of International Institute of Martial Arts

  • 5th Degree Wado-Ryu Black Belt

  • World Karate Champion and Record Holder

"Ken Hayashi shows you how to “jump the line” and become financially successful faster than you ever thought possible."

~ Brian Tracy

  • Author and International

  • Renowned Speaker

"Parents of students have personally
come up to me and have told me that they like the practicality of the what he teaches and that he works so well with their children. He is dedicated and passionate about anything he undertakes."

~ Sensei Judy Nicklin

  • Grand Nationals World Karate Champion

  • General Manager of International Institute of Martial Arts

"Ken Hayashi provides practical insight and simple wealth building techniques that anyone can do."


~ Dr John Gray

  • Author of Men are from Mars Women are from Venus

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