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Ken Hayashi, CEO of At Home Publishing, author of the book Millionaire by 26 and former copywriter to President Trump. His educational products that have generated tens of millions of dollars in business for him and his Clients; and at one time he had retired at age 26. He is an entrepreneur, author and speaker with national awards in sales and marketing.


Carissa Ortiz has managed the development of lead generation marketing funnels, SEO, SEM, email marketing, social media marketing, call center and website development. She has been the liaison between US management and international web, customer service and lead generation development teams.



Samurai Wizard a.k.a. Ken Hayashi was the world famous teenage magician, who had gained international fame producing live stage magic shows with over 180 dancers, starring in TV Shows in Japan, US and UK and beating the “#1 Commercially Successful Magician in History”, David Copperfield, while in high school. He had been asked to speak, perform with Japanese swords and introduced the host of the Emmy Awards, starred in the #1 iconic beer commercial in UK as the Samurai Wizard and has been memorized in the anime works of Ghost in the Shell, as himself.  


Target Appointments provides both the people and technology necessary for excellent customer support, virtual assistant services, SEO, web development, social media marketing, inbound and outbound call center support for our call center services.  Our technology infrastructure can handle multi-level routing, multi-skill routing, blended inbound & outbound campaigns, quality assurance, call monitoring, telemarketing, order taking, and call recording

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