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Instructions: Please be advised that you will need to select answers to questions posed in the documentary to continue viewing sections. Once you begin viewing the film, although it may disrupt your current beliefs, it is recommended that you complete the film to the end. Every viewer’s experience of the documentary will differ greatly based on each viewer’s selections. Please provide your answers at the end of the film. 




The following documentary contains subject matter that is controversial and may be extremely offensive. It includes but not limited to factual information, events and opinions on secret societies, organizations, rituals, unorthodox religious beliefs, faith, origins of copyrighted literature, intellectual property and racial discrimination. 


The events, characters, and organizations depicted in the documentary are non-fiction. The views and opinions expressed in this documentary are those of the author, are for entertainment purposes only; and do not necessarily reflect the official position of the organizations revealed in the following film. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.

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Possible Answers

Note: To continue, select your answer to the Question #2. Each viewers' experience of the Documentary will differ based on your answer.

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What Were Your Answers?

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REAL Story of the Boy Wizard?

Ken Hayashi and the Magic Academy

Book 1: The Boy and the Witch

By Ashley Hayashi

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A non-fiction book about a Boy that was taught by a practicing Witch then attends the real school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He discovers the hidden world of the secret magic society that co-exist with our world today. Includes, documentation, testimonials, photos and video links to historical events of the Boy Who 'Really' Lived. 


Written and illustrated by a real 15-year-old Wizard Writer. Ashley Hayashi is a Karate Black Belt, a 2-Time World Karate Champion, World Rated Choreographer, International Chef, Visual Artist and Best Selling Author.

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