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Samurai Wizard Projects

Documentary, Production Company and YouTube Channels to launch Samurai Wizard at the premiere Membership Site to learn the REAL story of the Boy Who Lived. 

Ken Hayashi and the Magic Academy Documentary

Note: How the Documentary ends will depend on how you answer each of the questions posed in the video. Each individual's experience of the documentary will differ greatly from viewer to viewer.


The documentary does contain subject matter that may offend, including but not limited to copyrighted literature, political views, intellectual property, race and religious beliefs. Viewer discretion is strongly advised.



15+ evidence videos, photos, newspaper clippings and documentations on closely J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series mirrors Samurai Wizard a.k.a. Ken Hayashi's actual life story. Created specifically for Harry Potter fans and skeptics to objectively evaluate the exact similarities between Ken Hayashi and Harry Potter. 


J.K. Rowling claims she came up with the idea for Harry Potter in the summer of 1990, which happens to be the date that Hayashi actually attends the Academy of Magical Arts. Also included in Hayashi's video series will be, what it was like having magician as parents, what it was like taking classes at the real Hogwarts, meeting the real Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Malfoy, etc.

Murphy's Stout Corporation also featured the Samurai Wizard and several others dressed in 18th century samurai, running into an Irish pub to order a Murphy’s Stout. The Murphy’s Stout Samurai marketing campaign, became the #1 iconic beer commercial of the year and constantly played throughout all of Ireland, UK and parts of Europe. The Murphy’s Samurais began a huge cult like following where hundreds of thousands of 18-25 year old Irish lads were reported mimicking the famous “Murphy’s” yell and doing the famous Hayashi’s Samurai Wizard move. Murphy’s Stout Showcases the Samurai Wizard (Original Commercial)

Samurai Wizard Productions

Ken Hayashi is the CEO of Samurai Wizard Productions with over 100 magic and dance live stage show performances. Productions include the Magic Castle, Comedy Store, LACHSA (Fame High), LA Sports Arena, ESPN, Off-Broadway Play, Miss Dance Drill Team USA and the Emmy Awards.


YouTube Channel:
Who is Ken Hayashi?

Ken Hayashi is an entrepreneur, author, high performance coach and father of four. However, as a teenage senior in high school, he had become an award winning actor, a national dance champion, Off-Broadway playwright and an Emmy Award Show producer and director.


On top of being recognized in the United States that has achieved more as an Japanese American artist in multiple disciplines in history, he had gain international fame with his live stage magic shows with over 180 dancers, starring in TV Show in Japan, US and UK.


He had been asked to speak introduced the host of the Emmy Awards and had an Off-Broadway play written about his high school life, produced in New York by the Foundation of the Dramatist Guild. Finally, Hayashi is about to reveal to the world exactly how he was able to accomplish so much. A secret he has kept for over 25 years.

Netflix Original Hit TV show reveals the REAL Samurai Gourmet is a real chef, author and connoisseur of exotic foods. A.k.a Ken Hayashi is not an actor and the real deal. He has 4 separate black belts, a full contact bare knuckle fighter, over 1,000 fights under his belt and have no boundaries when it comes to fear and where to get his next meal. Including walking into the Blood and Crips gang invested area of South Central Los Angeles wearing a bright red shirt, to the most obscure of places to try the tastiest of treats. Always getting to say, do and eat whatever no one would ever dare to do.

Samurai Wizards

Ashley Hayashi 15-Year-Old Best Selling Author. She is karate black belt and a 2 Time World Karate Forms Champion. She is also an accomplished chef that could make international cuisines specializing in Italian, Japanese, Mexican and Thai cuisines. She has competed and placed among the top three for show in Miss Dance Drill Team USA 50th anniversary competition, where she choreographed portions of the show that had 120 dancers.  

Alexis Hayashi a World Rated Choreographer, #1 State, National and Miss Dance Drilll Team USA Champion and a Visual Artist. She also is a Full Contact Bare Knuckle Karate Black Belt Fighter, 4 Time World Karate Forms Champion and a World Sword Champion.


Natalie Hayashi (13-Year-Old) is the CEO of Natalie Productions. She produces, directs and edits video shorts, movie trailers and the Samurai Wizard YouTube Channel.

Brandon Hayashi (7-year-old) is a martial artist, Top World Rated Karate Competitor and YouTuber. He has done live demonstrations at the International Institute of Martial Arts World Competition Team, Soma Dance Studios and featured on the Samurai Wizard YouTube Channel.


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