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Samurai Sensei

Martial Arts Credentials

Sensei Ken Hayashi, has over 25 years of martial art experience. He currently holds 4 separate black belts including 2nd Degree Wado Ryu Karate, 1st Degree Hapkido, 1st Degree WTF Tae Kwon Do and 1st Degree Ho Shin Moo Do.


He had instructed up to 150 students every week at the World renowned International Institute of Martial Arts (aka IIMA) located in San Diego, CA.


His classes included teaching the 5-8 year old Beginner Sparring classes (Class size 40-50 students). The emphasis on this class was honing ‘Listening Skills’ and ‘Safety’. Since all students are beginners, this is where students are taught to be able to follow specific instructions accurately, so that the students do not end up injuring each other and learn to become comfortable with sparring.


Hayashi also instructed the 9-13 year old Medium-Advanced Sparring classes (Class size 20-30 students). The emphasis on this class was ‘Discipline’ and learning ‘Control’. Although the sparring contact became much harder and eventually increases to medium to full contact, students are still instructed to ‘Respect’ each other as a fellow martial artist and learned how to control their fighting contact. This class is where students are introduced to competition point fighting, full contact practical self-defense, dealing with bullies and the real application of the martial arts in at school and life.


All of his classes were conducted where each parent was encouraged to observe the classes from the enclosed Parent Observation Seating Area.

Child Development Credentials

Hayashi has 20+ years training in Child, Personal Development and Neuro Linguistic Programming by the world renowned Tony Robbins and Robbins Foundation. He has worked with thousands of parents in assisting children, teens and young adults in the areas of focus, health, confidence and developing into maturity. His work includes adjusting to school environment, communicating with other students, becoming a leader at school, responsibilities in the home, respecting their parents and excelling in school. He takes a “No Excuse” approach to helping parents direct their own children on succeeding in school and life.


Nutritional & Alternative Medicine Credentials

He has been taught by the top leaders in nutrition and alternative medicines. Hayashi is certified in TFT (Thought Field Therapy) by the Callahan Techniques, Ltd and trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) an acupuncture therapy in treating victims of severe trauma, rape, physical and mental abuse. He is also been certified by the American Red Cross in Emergency Victim First Aid and CPR.


He had owned and operated his own nutritional/health center and serviced over 6,000 clients/patients a month with staff of 15 on health, nutrition, increasing energy, mind focus, fitness, increasing muscle mass, weight loss and diabetic control.



Hayashi is also a father of four that all excel in academics, ballet and martial arts. And his two oldest twin daughters also hold a combined 7 World Karate Championship Titles in Japanese Traditional Forms and Weapons among other titles.

Takeshi Academy

Ages 5 to 12



Often parents complain that their child does not respect them, they do not do what they’re told, they are disinterested in school and/or other activities, they don’t help around the house, they are constantly fighting with their siblings and not listening whenever they ask them the simplest of tasks. However, oftentimes this all has to do with the foundation of respect, honor, and discipline.



If that is not being taught at home, which oftentimes it never is with today’s hectic schedules, any martial art program is where a Sensei/Master is necessary to be able to assist the parents in instilling these qualities to the child itself. A very ‘Asian’ philosophy that is recognized on the surface as something admired, yet politically incorrect to point out that this is something that parents welcome as an accepted practice from the East.



In the public school system, this is often frowned upon. However today, more and more American parents are more helpless from having children with the ‘Entitlement’ mentality. That the child needs to be served by the teachers, government and their parents; and tiptoeing around them constantly to entertain them around the broken school system that allows children to fail, then the child quickly blames everyone else for failures.



This program will show your child to respect you, for all the hard work that you have done up until now to give your child the best possibility for future success. And for them to finally recognize your efforts and to appreciate everything that you have done up to this point.



We also teach children safety awareness, defense strategies and non-violent conflict resolution skills.



Class will be once per week with an emphasis on learning: Stretching, warm-up, forms, sparring and close combat defense against bullies and strangers.



Program includes


Students learn, drilled and follow rules such as:




  • Learn to be respectful and obey parents

  • Never talk back to your parents combatively

  • When parents tell them to do something, they do it

  • They do not fight with their siblings or create unnecessary conflict


Academics / School Environment

  • How to concentrate, focus and pay attention to become a better student

  • How to make school interesting and exciting

  • How to effectively complete homework

  • Learn how to concentrate and take tests effectively

    • Bonus: Our instructors specialize in teaching children with learning disabilities




Young Adult

Ages 13 to 23



When it comes to discipline, there are many factors wherein people have a description of what they believe is discipline. Oftentimes, when it comes to understanding and becoming a master of advanced techniques is just where discipline becomes an important factor. This is where the student learns to be disciplined enough to master the basics.



This training and working with the Sensei, the student soon becomes a Senpai where they have mastered the basic techniques so much that they have acquired the ability to teach and instruct other new students to the basics themselves.


In this stage of their life, the student has not only know the basics, they are able to teach the basics and have moved on to the stage where they are now learning advanced techniques and are able to apply advanced techniques in various circumstances and situations. They are now an advanced student because they have become proficient at the basics and the master can actively observe them actively applying the basics in their everyday life as well as their martial arts.




Students are taught in how to effectively communicate with academic instructors, parents, fellow students, friends, different social groups, bullies and females. This is where the student is introduced to the concept of the understanding importance of social interactions, status and ability to influence others is equal to or often times more important than intelligent, book smart, talent and skill. Students are taught step by step communication methods along with reading materials and homework to apply these techniques to their regular environment outside the dojo.



Program includes


Students learn, drilled and follow rules such as:





  • How to make high school the best years of your life

  • How to communicate with teachers

  • Becoming a leader among your peers

  • How to communicate with different groups at school including peers, friends, bullies or antagonists

  • Interacting with various girls at school, including but not limited to high-status girls, female friends and girlfriends


Goals and Life Skills

  • Defining your strengths and weaknesses

  • How to decide on their future that will give the most fulfillment

  • Determining whether a university, trade school, military, the arts or directly going into the work force is right for them after high school


Martial Arts

  • Becoming a Boy with Confidence. That prevents bullies from isolating your child to become a victim of an assault

  • Safety Awareness Education

  • Regional, National and World sport and competition karate coaching

  • How to fight and deal with bullies

  • Forms, sparring, weapons


Included Bonus

  • Nutrition

  • Energy

  • Weight Loss

  • Bonuses (If Needed)

  • How to fight if you are jumped by multiple attackers



  • Warrior Mentality

  • Goal setting

  • Focus

  • Finding what you are destined to do


School / Work environment

  • Career

  • Getting the most out of your work and environment

  • Becoming a leader / go-to person at work



  • Financial independence

  • Credit building

  • Credit repair

  • Finding investors to your projects


Martial Arts

  • Street fighting

  • Fighting multiple attackers


Adult Training

Ages 24 to 40

Program includes


Students learn, drilled and follow rules such as:


Martial Arts

  • Street fighting

  • Fighting multiple attackers


Finance / Business

  • How to become financially independent

  • How to build a company

  • How to hire and train employees

  • How to inspire coworkers, partners, employees

  • Financial independence

  • Asset allocation 

  • Building credit

  • Public speaking



  • Lifelong health habits

  • Keeping your family healthy and sickness-free

  • How to stay away from doctors

  • Eating right for maximum efficiency

  • Weight loss and being healthy

  • Reverse aging. Never age

  • Having the body you desire



  • How to become irresistible to women

  • Attracting the women of your dreams

  • Having a passionate relationship

  • How to become an outstanding father 

  • Being the head of household

  • How to become the 'Hero' to your children


Leader of Your Community

  • Being the head of household, a hero to your children

  • Man of high status

  • Unshakeable confidence

  • MMA

  • De-escalation of fights

  • Mentoring and teaching

  • MMA classes (BB only)

  • Leading men into motivating others

  • Legal laws of an assault



  • Having the best time of your life

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Case Study

Alexis Hayashi 

(Click Images to View Videos)

4 Time World Karate

Traditional Forms Champion

Full Contact Bare Knuckle Fighter

& Karate Black Belt

World Sword Champion


"We have been so blessed to have him as part of our team. He will be an asset to any organization"

~ Shihan Jeff Brown

  • CEO of International Institute of Martial Arts

  • 5th Degree Wado-Ryu Black Belt

  • World Karate Champion and Record Holder

"Parents of students have personally
come up to me and have told me that they like the practicality of the what he teaches and that he works so well with their children. He is dedicated and passionate about anything he undertakes."

~ Sensei Judy Nicklin

  • Grand Nationals World Karate Champion

  • General Manager of International Institute of Martial Arts

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