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Delusional Man Claims that the “Ghost in the Shell” Anime Artists Will Make an Adaptation of Him

LOS ANGELES, CA - 03/31/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Ken Hayashi, has made another insane claim that not only does he possess proven supernatural powers, but one of his powers is the ability to travel through time. Skeptics and investigative reporters are looking into this bizarre story.

For Hayashi’s next “trick”, he claims he can take a historic event of today March 31, 2017 and connect it to the past. Hayashi is going to use the premiere of Ghost in the Shell, which is an adaptation of an anime/manga created back in 1995. A movie causing already controversy surrounding a caucasian actress, Scarlett Johansson playing a Japanese iconic anime character. Hayashi, who is actually Japanese has chosen to transport himself back in time and literally place himself somewhere in the original Japanese animation series work, as a marker in time to prove that he is a “Time Traveler” and to connect it to today’s 2017 live action version of the film.

As completely impossible as this sounds, Hayashi points out in today’s 2017 reality, “Yes, right now I have nothing to do with Ghost in the Shell”. Yet, Hayashi is claiming that he is going to travel 20 years back in time and tell the producers and Masamune Shirow, the creator of the “Ghost” to place himself into their work.

Number one, it is impossible to travel back in time. Number two, even if Hayashi could travel back in time, how would he tell any producer of an iconic cult following Japanese animation series, to make an adaptation of him? And why would they? Who is Ken Hayashi? How is that even possible? “Because, I’m a real life, Wizard. Duh!” says Hayashi.

“It would be too easy to do something in today’s version of the film. What if I was just somehow in the background?”, says Hayashi. “But, what if I were to travel 20 years in the past and put myself in the film then everyone in the world will then have proof I actually did it right?”

Investigative reporters and die-hard fans of the original anime series have already verified that they have not seen indication of any of Hayashi’s likeness in any of the Ghost in the Shell original anime series and have already laughed Hayashi claims off as another attention seeking hoaxster. “It would be impossible for Hayashi to place himself in anything to do with the Ghost in the Shell anime series.” says an angry undisclosed fan.

Hayashi, with his long hair and intense eyes, insanely laughs and taunts his skeptics on his Instagram with, “Now that everyone can agree that I am not in any of the works of Ghost in the Shell anime series. And this reality is documented. I shall go back in time and put myself in one of the works. This will give irrefutable proof that I can time travel. Just as soon as I find my magic wand. Hehehe.” Watch Hayashi taunting his skeptics here.

Skeptics, quantum physics theorists, and authorities have begun their investigation about Hayashi, as well as millions of angry Harry Potter fans, making death threats and attacks on him proclaiming that he is a self-promoting con artist looking for 15 minutes of fame.

“Exactly, I will now prove the impossible. Once I place myself in the works of ‘Ghost in the Shell’, I will forever memorialize myself as a time traveler. Speak now or forever hold your peace and bite your tongue. And when you do, make sure you cut it clean off.” , smiles Hayashi. Investigative reporters, skeptics and millions of Harry Potter fans are all waiting for this hoaxer to fail.

UPDATE: YouTube: Ghost in the Shell Made an Adaptation of Me

This is either just a strange coincidence, a supernatural phenomenon, the work of a clever con artist or somebody that had taken 20 years to tell a really bad joke. See Hayashi actually time travel here. YouTube:

Ken Hayashi is the author of the book Millionaire by 26, former copywriter to President Trump and father of four. Hayashi claims his high school life experiences has a bizarre striking resemblance to J.K. Rowling’s fictional character Harry Potter, printed almost a decade after Hayashi adventures. As Hayashi documents in his YouTube channel that both his parents were famous wizards, his mother was a practicing witch, he actually attended the only the real documented school of witchcraft and wizardry and ends up beating the world's greatest wizard in the world by the time he was 17 years old. To watch his series of was Hayashi the real Harry check out his YouTube channel “Was Hayashi the REAL Harry?”.

YouTube: The Year Harry Potter Attended Hogwarts?

YouTube: How I Beat the REAL Lord Voldemort

YouTube: Are Magicians REAL Wizards?

Media Contacts:

Company Name: YouTube: Was Hayashi the REAL Harry? Full Name: Ken Hayashi Phone: (626) 656-3244 Email Address: Website:

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