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Ghost in the Shell Makes an Anime Version of Ken Hayashi Instead of Scarlett Johansson

LOS ANGELES, CA - 18 Mar, 2017 - Ghost in the Shell 2017 is a live-action movie of a Japanese manga (Anime) of the same name by Masamune Shirow. The film stars Scarlett Johansson and producers have painstakingly recreated key scenes from the original 1995 anime. However, the Ghost in the Shell producers and Masamune Shirow had much more difficult task 20 years ago when they made an anime adaptation of a real life person, Ken Hayashi.

Back in 1992, Hayashi was the world famous teenage magician, who portrayed himself as a Samurai Wizard. Hayashi had gained international fame producing live stage magic shows with over 180 dancers and beating David Copperfield to open the Emmy Awards Show. Then Hayashi, mysteriously vanished from the world of magic as he went off to study abroad at Oxford University. The Murphy's Stout Corporation discovered Hayashi and decided to feature him and several others dressed in 18th century samurai, running into an Irish pub to order a Murphy’s Stout.

The Murphy’s Stout Samurai marketing campaign, became the #1 iconic beer commercial of the year and constantly played throughout all of Ireland, UK and parts of Europe. The Murphy’s Samurais began a huge cult like following where hundreds of thousands of 18-25 year old Irish lads were reported mimicking the famous “Murphy’s” yell and doing the famous Hayashi’s Samurai Wizard move.

So, 20 years ago to continue on the Murphy’s Samurai theme, the producers of the Japanese anime series the Ghost in the Shell and Masamune Shirow took on the project to take it to another level. This time to merge the ancient Japanese Samurai World and the futuristic Japanese Cyborg World ordering and drinking a Murphy’s. It was successfully accomplished and Ken Hayashi had been forever memorialized as part of the works of the Ghost in the Shell in 1997. And now 20 years later Scarlett Johansson has now joined the Ghost in the Shell alumni.

Ken Hayashi is the author of the book Millionaire by 26, former copywriter to President Trump and father of four. Hayashi is the real life living “Wizard” that J.K. Rowling based her fictional character, Harry Potter. Both Hayashi’s parents were wizards, his mother was a practicing witch, he attended the real school of magic in the world and by the time he graduated high school had beaten the World’s Greatest Magician at the time, David Copperfield. To watch the documentary series view YouTube: Was Hayashi the REAL Harry?

Media Contact Company Name: YouTube: Was Hayashi the REAL Harry? Contact Person: Ken Hayashi Email: Phone: (626) 656-3244 Country: United States Website: Read more:

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