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Who Was the REAL Hermione Granger? Not Emma Watson

LOS ANGELES, CA - 03/31/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — J.K. Rowling has grossed over $1 billion from her story of Harry Potter that has grown to a $25 billion dollar media franchise. A “fictional” story about a boy that discovered that he is a wizard and ends up going to the school of witchcraft and wizardry, where he meets his two best friends, Ron and Hermione, did amazing adventures with Ron and Hermione, battling evil forces, and eventually Harry and a Hermione become the most powerful wizards there at that school. And now with Fantastic Beast continuing the story with a prequel to the story, the Wizardry world had definitely been a financial whirlwind. But, what if the fictional stories in J.K. Rowling’s book was actually based on real life story of real life Wizards?

What people don't know is that back in 1990 there happened to be only one teenage female wizard in the entire world that was world-famous. There was no other illusionists at the time female magician. What’s also odd is that there is only one magic school in the entire world that’s held inside of a private hidden castle, which is called the Academy of Magical Arts, where the directors Rodor and Diane Zimmerman, who had been featured in the documentary “Make Believe” 2010, who is the headmaster and instructor of a select group of gifted kids that their dream is to become a famous or performing magician.

During the time from 1992 she was only one female famous magician there at that school. She had gone on to compete internationally and the most prestigious national dance competition, Miss Dance Drill Team USA to starring in large stage show illusion acts in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans and starring a week at the Magic Castle, and eventually performing the famous Harry Houdini illusion at and Emmy Awards opening and presenting the host of the show as a teenager. Soon after that after numerous newspaper articles, magazine and television coverages of the events. Denise, suddenly disappeared from the world of magic and wizardry.

Then nearly 5 years later a woman with a fake pen name J.K., comes up with a story about of a boy that attends the school of magic and meets a very powerful female wizard.

In “Was Hayashi the REAL Harry?” the YouTube documentary series, Ken Hayashi documents the life story of the real female wizard/illusionists/magician, the only teenage female wizard that existed at the time. She would not be considered “arguably” the greatest magician in the world, but in reality a slam dunk of the only the most successful teenage female magician in the world and history, that was second to none. Including any teenage magician featured in the “Make Believe” documentary.

There was no second anywhere in the world to this date as any other female magician/wizard that comes close to what Denise and her partner Hayashi had accomplished by the time they were graduating high school. This powerful teenage duo, had literally beat out David Copperfield, the #1 Commercially Successful Magician in History ~ Forbes to open the Emmy Awards. She also was staring at the only real school of wizardry in the world, which happens to be inside of a private Magic Castle, that requires a secret entrance to get in and an invitation by magician members. So the question remains, would J.K. Rowling used the most recognized #1 teenage wizard in the world as an inspiration or did Rowling really make it all up in her head as she claims.

The other things that Hayashi also documents within the series is that Denise, a.k.a. the REAL Hermione, has a strikingly similar look to the character that ended up playing her Hermione, Emma Watson. From the time of a little girl that she had originally saw Hayashi's parents performances, magic performances to meeting Hayashi, becoming his assistant, and eventually becoming a very powerful magician herself.

"Denise is so powerful of a magician and wizard. Yes, she did have a wand, but it was in a form of a sword, and she could do far beyond what the character in the Harry Potter series could do. For example Hermione would repeatedly throw fire from her bare hands instead of the wand." says Hayashi.

The other things that Hayashi also documents of the similarities between Denise and Hermione is a fact that, Denise would often transform herself into a cat and back again, which is one of the cat transfigurations that Hermione character does a failed transfiguration. The series also documents the timeline of when Denise Windscheffel had grown from a little girl, to the most powerful, famous, teenage magician wizard in the 90s, and then documents that J.K. Rowling had come up with a story, of a female witch years later. And the facts cannot be denied. The odds of all of these similarities lining up, is as if Rowling just won the lottery. But, then again, maybe she did?

Was Hayashi the real Harry Youtube documentary series, currently contains 12 separate videos, each anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes, that addresses who the real Harry Potter was, the real Hagrid, the real Hogwarts castle, what it was like to go to the real School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, who was Ron, what was it like to do the real Quidditch and who was the real Malfoy.

Ken Hayashi is the author of the book Millionaire by 26, former copywriter to President Trump and father of four. Hayashi claims his high school life experiences has a bizarre striking resemblance to J.K. Rowling’s fictional character Harry Potter, printed almost a decade after Hayashi adventures. “Ghost in the Shell” producers and animators actually made an adaptation of Ken Hayashi


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